Atom 4 Customer Deliveries Underway

The steering is just so very different. I can actually do a 3 point turn and the feedback is just what you want in every way.

The seating position is very different and much more suited to the car, the dash is brilliant, I can actually see the indicator lights. The lap timer is going to be fun as well…Traction and boost are well worth the money with the 350bhp animal sitting behind you. They inspire so much confidence in the car, you can just plant your foot down and let the car fly.The performance is just so very different to the 3, there is no way a 3.5 would ever keep up, the torque is just adictive with the way it shifts the car. The extra weight makes the car feel really planted much more than the 3 ever did.

All I can say is that Ariel have made a totally brilliant car, yet completely different to anything else they have made. Dont think of it as an upgrade rather a completely different car.”