Exploring, touring or drifting - the Nomad is ready for more.

The Nomad opens up a whole new dimension to having fun on four wheels.  People call it the Atom’s mucky brother but the Nomad redefined what a performance on/off roader should be.  Where the Atom is to road and track, the Nomad is to road and off it.  Whether it’s a twisty road, a gravel track, a WRC rally stage, a green lane, a desert or just a grassy field the Nomad calls this home. The Nomad says tough wherever it goes. Because it is. 

“this car turns any landscape into a personal playground

Top Gear

Every Nomad is individually made by a single technician for each owner so we are able to tailor fit your exact needs and wishes.  From winches and spotlights to engine and gearbox upgrades plus different damper options, different wheels, different tyres, nudge bars, carriers… yes, it’s a long list but we want to make sure we get your Nomad exactly right for you.  What you want it to do, where you’re going to use it and how you want it to look.  But we’re here to help and we’ll take time drawing up a specification with you to make sure you get exactly the right Nomad for you.

Vehicle Options

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  • Performance + Exhaust
    • 305bhp with Adjustable Boost / Power

      Increases the power over standard - includes switchable power, from 260bhp - 305bhp.

    • Polished Exhaust System

      Like to keep your car looking sharp? A complete polished exhaust system requires less maintenance than the standard equipment. For best results, clean a little - and often.

    • Cat Bypass Pipe

      Open up the exhaust system when off the road and listen to the whooshing sounds we all love!

    • Exhaust Gaurd

      Will protect you from the hot exhaust whilst getting the spare tyre off. Also available in polished finish.

    • Hi Performance Radiator

      Keeping your car cool - If you will be using your car off road in hot countries, you'll need an upgraded radiator, due to the high load the engine will experience.

  • Engine / Transmission
    • Limited Slip Differential

      Makes for a more stable, rewarding and exciting driving experience

    • Baffled Sump

      Reduces oil surge on track or hard off road use cases.

    • Single Mass Flywheel

      Reduces mass of the flywheel - more responsive throttle feeling and more durable on track and off road use.

    • WRC Air Filter

      A finer filter for increased protection when in dusty locations.

    • Traction Control Inc Launch Control

      Adjustable traction and Launch control - Essential for those who will use their car in all conditions. Or, for those who just love launch control!

  • Brakes
    • Cockpit Adjustable Remote Brake Bias

      Adjust the front / rear bias of the braking system from the cockpit. Set your brakes just how you like them. (Optional ABS Adjuster Pictured)

    • Hydraulic Handbrake System

      If you like going sideways, this is for you. The hydraulic handbrake operates the rear service brakes (not the parking brake) and does not have a ratcheting mechanism.

    • Stainless Fittings on Brake lines and Clutch Lines

      Increased corrosion protection on the brake line and clutch fittings.

    • AP Racing 4 Pot Caliper/290mm Discs (inc handbrake) Front and Rear

      if you have chosen 305bhp, this is the option for you. Increased stopping power, better heat dissipation and a sharper feel to the brakes.

    • AP Racing 4 Pot Caliper/290mm 2 Piece Brake Disc (inc handbrake) Front and Rear

      Utilising the same caliper as the above option - this upgrades the pad disc material and design for use with the AP brakes - with crescent moon slots and a separate bell and friction surface, dissipate heat and keep feel to the pedal even under punishing off road conditions.

  • Suspension / Steering
    • Ohlins Multi Adjustable Hydraulic Bumpstop Dampers with 2 piece springs

      Performance synonymous with the name. If you are a speed-freak whether it be on road, on track or blasting round your local rally school - the Ohlins won't let you down.

    • Quick Release Steering Wheel

      Making getting in and out of your Nomad easier - and taking your steering wheel with you adds an extra layer of security.

  • Competition
    • Side Panels Clear / Smoked

      Extra weather protection for the sides of the Nomad. If you're going exploring in the country side or use your Nomad as a tourer (yes it happens!) the side panels are a must-have.

    • FIA Approved Battery Master Switch Kit

      Designed for competition cars so that the car can be switched off externally, this kill switch cuts all power from the battery. Mandatory for competition, useful for added security and preserving battery life in road cars.

    • Fire Extinguisher (Stand Alone)

      Handheld unit - requires the operator to remove the extinguisher from the quick release mount prior to use.

    • MSA Approved Fire Extinguisher Kit Plumbed In - Competition Use

      A 'plumbed in' fire extinguisher has nozzles fitted to the engine bay and passenger compartment of the vehicle - simply pull the handle and suppressant is deployed automatically.

    • Track Day Lap Timing

      Keep up to date with live timing on the dash as you pilot your way around your favorite track or simply log and immerse yourself in data at home.

    • Track Day Lap Timing with Brake Pressure Overlay on Video

      Includes camera mounted to the car with the overlay of data to examine every aspect of your driving. Chase those few last tenths down and get that lap record!

    • Towing Strap Rear

      Soft, race approved type tow strap. Permanently installed for ease of use and quick access.

  • Seat Belts / Safety harnesses
    • Standard 2" Harnesses

      Pictured is the standard equipment the car comes fitted with if no option is selected.

    • 2" Harness With Alloy Chest Adjusters (Each Side)

      Retaining the standard width belt and clasp - this replaces the standard adjuster with an alloy unit that is easier to operate and more attractive.

    • 2" Seat Belt/Harness Pads

      Extra padding on the standard width harness to ensure maximum comfort in your Nomad.

    • 3" Seat Belts/Harnesses (each side)

      Using a 3" shoulder strap and 2" lap strap with a 5 point compatible clasp. Compatible with HANS device for those wanting ultimate safety on track.

    • 3" Seat Belts/Harnesses With Alloy Chest Adjusters (each side)

      No compromise - 3" harnesses as above - with the easy to use clasps on the shoulder straps. Ultimate safety, style and ease of use.

    • 3" Seat Belt/Harness Pads

      Extra padding on the 3" width harness to ensure maximum comfort in your Nomad.

    • V Type Crutch Strap for 3" Seat Belts/Harnesses (each side)

      Upgrade to a 5 point harness - only compatible with 3" style Harnesses

  • Wheels / Tyres
    • 16" Wheels With All Terrian Tyres

      A true all-rounder. The only thing that will stop this tyre is deep mud!

    • 16" Forged Beadlock Wheels With Extreme Terrain Tyres

      For that 'go anywhere' tyre - increased performance off road at low and high speed.

    • 18" Wheel Package With All Terrain Tyres

      Using the same tread pattern as the 15" All Terrain, this tyre package combines dry weather off road ability, with a firmer, shallower sidewall for on-road grip.

    • 18" Wheel Package With Track Tyres

      Do you feel the need, the need for speed?

    • Spare Wheel Carrier

      For that Ultimate Baja look... and you get a spare wheel and tyre.

  • Other / Miscellaneous
    • Stainless Steel Fixings

      Replaces all fixings with stainless.

    • High-Level Brake Light

      A third and centre stopping light - bringing the brake light directly into the line of sight of other road users.

    • Locking Fuel Cap

      Peace of mind when your Nomad is parked up away from home.

    • 12v. Auxiliary feed with USB

      A USB socket to plug your devices into.

    • Fitted TomTom Rider Europe GPS

      Never get lost again! Or maybe that's the point in a Nomad? Always be able to find your way home... Waterproof and easily removable with a 'docking station' style charger to remove and take with you if you park your nomad up away from home.

    • Reversing Camera System

      The ultimate in creature comforts in an Ariel! The image is displayed automatically on the dash when reverse is selected, making reversing into those tight spots immeasurably easier.

    • Passenger + clutch footrest

      A large aluminium plate with dimple die holes to let the mud pass through. Also creates a neat space between the bulkhead and rear of the rest to store a waterproof rucksack.

  • Body
    • Custom Painted Body Work

      Want to make your Nomad stand out from the crowd? Personalise the colour of the body panels to anything of your choice.

    • Front Winch Bumper

      Mounting plate for the winch and protection for the front end of your Nomad - included is a recovery eye and lower radiator protection.

    • Rear Bumper

      Protection for the rear of your Nomad - two recovery eyes included.

    • WARN Winch Assembly

      Get yourself out of those sticky situations you like to get yourself in... Rated to 1200Kg.

    • Front Suspension Box and Body Tub Guard

      Protecting the underside of the Nomad starting just behind the Front Winch Bumper and stretching to behind the footwell on both sides. Made from 6mm aluminium it will take all the abuse you can throw at it.

    • Coolant Pipe Guard – Engine Bay to Body Tub

      A steel channel that protects the exposed portion of the coolant pipes underneath the fuel tank.

    • Sump Guard

      Covering the complete underside of the engine bay - a sump guard is a must for any off road enthusiast!

    • Light Mounting Bar with x 4 Daytime Running Lamps and Driving Light

      4 overhead driving lamps with daytime running light ring.

    • LED Whip/Marker Light (each)

      6 foot/1.8M bottom lit LED marker with Quick Removal fitting. Red, white, blue, orange or green light.

    • Carbon Instrument Panel

      The only piece of carbon available on a Nomad!

    • Paint Brushed Aluminium Parts Black (Bulkheads, Fuel Tank etc)

      Any part that is bare aluminium is painted satin black for that true stealth look.

    • Alternative Colour Wheels

      Pick colour, any colour!

    • Alternative Colour Powder Coat Chassis

      Want something a bit off-the-wall? Select a colour available in a powder coat finish, with a variety of laquers to create a one-of-a-ind Nomad! Pictured is Signal Red.

“the nomad has off road pace to rival a baja racer

Car & driver

Centre of the Nomad is, of course, its structure and our unique Ariel signature.  Bronze welded by craftsmen who care about what they do and have pride in their work, with skill that comes from years of experience. A masterpiece of craftsmanship, true, but also a complete safety cage. Protecting you and your co-pilot, doing its job, which is what an Ariel is all about. Outboard, long travel suspension, double unequal wishbones, tough body panels that you can bash – it’s the same stuff that traffic cones are made from – right behind you a Ford 2.3 Ecoboost engine making sure you can go anywhere, anytime, reliably. Everything for a reason, nothing extra.

You can see that the Nomad is an Ariel through and through. We put the same thought in design, the same engineering depth and the same attention to detail as we do with every Ariel vehicle.  It shows everywhere you look. It will put that same Ariel grin on your face every time you drive it, maybe just a bit dirtier.  As with everything Ariel lightness is the key – the Nomad treads lightly and nimbly, using agility to get to wherever you want to go. 

“The Atom of dune buggies

Road & Track

Vehicle Specifications

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  • Ford 2.3 ST, direct injection turbocharged 16 Valve DOHC
  • Aluminium alloy block, cylinder head, twin scroll turbocharger
  • Displacement 2267cc
  • Bore & Stroke 87.6mm x 94mm
  • Valvetrain Chain drive DOHC 4 valves per cylinder
  • 260 BHP @ 5900 rpm Torque 380Nm @ 2500 rpm
  • 6 Speed + reverse aluminium alloy casing
Fuel System
  • Direct injection
  • Continuous flow 4.0 bar electric fuel pump
  • 70 litre aluminium fuel tank
  • Electronic coil over plug ignition
  • Central electronic body control system
  • Thatcham Immobiliser system
  • Front mounted fabricated radiator
  • High mount full width intercooler
  • High Level directed intake
  • Dual protection filter system with vacuator valve
  • Fabricated stainless steel exhaust manifold
  • Stainless silencer, twin outlet
  • Bronze welded 63.5mm, 51mm, 38mm diameter steel tube
  • Phosphated and powder coated finish
  • Aluminium bulkheads
  • Right and / or left hand drive
  • Double unequal length TIG welded fabricated wishbones front and rear.
  • Billet aluminium CNC machined uprights
  • Sealed ball joint outboard suspension joints, rubber inboard joints
  • Outboard KTech dampers front and rear.
  • Alloy steel Eibach coil springs front and rear.
  • Rack and pinion cast alloy steering rack 2 turns lock to lock.
  • Collapsible offset steering column.
  • 305mm race suede covered steering wheel.
  • Adjustable Toe.
  • Front: 288mm ventilated discs
  • Rear: 288mm discs
  • Tilton aluminium racing pedal box.
  • Twin master cylinders adjustable front/rear bias.
Wheels / Tyres
  • Front: 8Jx16 Alloy with Yokohama Geolandar 235/70R16
  • Rear: 8Jx16 Alloy Yokohama Geolandar 235/70R16
  • Non structural rotationally mould toughened polyethylene.
  • Composite body panels (coloured).
  • Individual seat units composite woven cloth, 6 position adjustment.
  • 2" E Approved four point quick release full harnesses.
  • Digital TFT Driver Display with gearshift lights
Dimensions / Weight
  • Length 3400. Width 1860. Height 1475.
  • Track 1635 front and rear. Wheelbase 2396.
  • Approach angle 48 degrees. Departure angle 64 degrees
  • 715kg
  • 0-60 mph 3.4 seconds (0-100kph)
  • Top speed 134 mph

“the atom’s mucky brother


“some of the most intriguing
miles i’ve ever travelled”