Ariel Atom Alt Test

Serious motor sport or ultimate fun, the Atom delivers. It really is like nothing else you’ll drive.

In 1999 we changed everyone’s perception of what a lightweight sports car should be.  It was called the Ariel Atom and It set the standard by which performance cars were measured, regardless of price, and still does. 

An icon of automotive design, engineering and performance we continue to evolve the Atom.  Now in its fourth generation, with more power, improved aerodynamics, stiffer chassis, new suspension and a multitude of refinements the Atom 4 takes the journey further.  Nothing else comes close.

intense doesnt begin to explain it”

auto express

The Atom is a truly unique car, but we want it to be your car.  Tailor made just for you, what you want to do and how you want to drive it.  Whether it’s a truly fun road car or the ultimate track weapon an Atom can be configured to your own exact and specific requirements. 

Choose from upgraded engine power, wheel and tyre packages, damper and brake options, different screens and bodywork, competition parts and a whole host more to make your Atom just that – your Atom. Plus with our guiding hand to ensure the car is exactly right for you. An Ariel isn’t just another car – it’s your car, your Ariel. 

Vehicle Options

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  • Power Upgrades
    • 350 BHP upgrade - Sports Catalytic Converter, Decat pipe + ECU reflash

      320bhp not enough? Combining hardware and software changes brings the Honda powerplant to a new level. With increased power and torque - having fun has never been so easy...

  • Engine / Transmission / Exhaust
    • Sports Exhaust Silencer (instead of standard)

      This replaces the standard exhaust with our sports unit - more flow, more noise, more enjoyment! Please note: This unit may not comply with noise regulations on UK tracks. Please refer to your local track organiser to find out about noise limits.

    • Sports Exhaust Silencer (as well as standard silencer as spare)

      This option will include both the standard and sports units - of which you may choose which is fitted to your vehicle it is assembled.

    • Polished Sports Exhaust Silencer (as well as standard silencer as spare)

      A hand polished version of our raspy sports unit. This option also includes the standard, non-polised unit.

    • Polishing of Complete Exhaust System

      Like to keep your car looking sharp? A complete polished exhaust system requires less maintenance than the standard equipment. For best results, clean a little - and often.

    • Lightweight Flywheel

      Replace the standard Honda Dual Mass Flywheel with this lightened unit. Tipping the scales at 5.2Kg (Standard Honda unit is 8.7kg) Increases engine 'pickup' speed and saving weight - a track addicts must have...

    • Adjustable Traction Control inc Launch Control

      Adustable traction and Launch control - with 8 settings from 0 (no interference) to 7 (maximum interference) Essential for those who will use their car in all conditions. Or, for those who just love launch control!

    • 3 Stage Variable Turbo Boost Controller

      Take control of your Turbo... Position 1 is a 'reduced pressure' mode, limiting your boost pressure and making the car easy to drive around town, or down your favourite country road. Position 2 - This is the setting that you would receive with no Adjustable Boost fitted - maximum Boost with a progressive throttle pedal map. Position 3 - Full boost wherever possible! Using a linear throttle pedal map - the input you provide, the engine will deliver.

    • Manual Gearbox Uprated Gear Shift Cable Bushings

      Tighten's the feel of the shifter, precise, sharp shifts with a more 'engaging' drive.

    • 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox + Paddle Operated Pneumatic Shift

      Quaife pneumatically operated, sequential gearbox - Road or Track you'll never have to move your hands from the steering wheel. Clutchless shifts both up and down, bring the racecar feeling to your fingertips.

    • Baffled Engine Oil Sump

      Baffles fitted to the standard Honda sump prevent oil surge when cornering hard. Usually a more track biased option for those wanting peace of mind hunting down those 1/10ths round the local circuit.

    • High Performance Track/Hot Country Cooling Package

      Larger tanks and a high flow heat exchanger provide more effcient cooling for more power and use in hot countries.

    • High Performance Sports Core Turbo Intercooler

      Maximise the potential of the Honda Turbo - higher flowing with a more effcient heat exchanger.

  • Brakes
    • Sport Brake Package Front and Rear

      Replacing the front and rear discs with a drilled and slotted rotor as well as upgraded brake pads - this option is perfect for road and light track use in a 320bhp car (standard power).

    • AP Racing 4 Pot Caliper/290mm Discs (inc handbrake) Front and Rear

      if you have chosen 350bhp, or are a track-addict, this is the option for you. Increased stopping power, better heat dissipation and a sharper feel to the brakes.

    • AP Racing 4 Pot Caliper/290mm 2 Piece Track Spec Brake Disc (inc handbrake) Front and Rear

      Utilising the same caliper as the above option - this upgrades the pad disc material and design for use with the AP brakes - with crescent moon slots and a separate bell and friction surface, dissipate heat and keep feel to the pedal even under heavy track usage.

    • Carbon Brake Kit with AP Racing 4 Pot Caliper (inc handbrake) Front and Rear

      Carbon brakes - the ultimate in stopping power!

    • Stainless Steel Fittings on Brake and Clutch Lines

      Increased corrosion protection on the brake line and clutch fittings.

    • Black Brake and Clutch Lines with Stainless Steel Fittings

      As above with stainless fittings with a black outer layer to finish off the 'stealth' look of your Atom.

    • Cockpit Adjustable Remote Brake Bias

      Adjust the front / rear bias of the braking system from the cockpit. With 14 turns of adjustment, you can set your brakes just how you like them.

  • Damping
    • Bilstein Single Adjustable Dampers with 2 piece springs - Road/Track

      With 10 positions of adjustment, the dial controls both compression and rebound making it the simplest option of adjusting your shocks for on track, or for those bumpy country roads we all know and love!

    • Bilstein Single Adjustable Dampers with 2 piece springs - Track Bias

      Using the same damper above, with firmer springs front and rear with firmer valving settings from factory.

    • Bilstein MDS 2 way Adjustable Dampers with 2 piece springs - Road/Track

      Similar to the above option, but with separate compression and rebound adjustment. Keeping 10 positions of adjustments retains the ability for a wide range of uses, both on road and on track, but with clear easy to read position settings, setting your car up just the way you want it has never been easier.

    • Bilstein MDS 2 way Adjustable Dampers with 2 piece springs - Track Bias

      Using the same damper as above, with firmer springs front and rear with firmer valving settings from factory.

    • Ohlins TTX 3 Way Adj. Inline Remote Reservoir Dampers

      The best, the most adjustable, fastest-round-the-track and still comfortable on the road, this is the ultimate in Atom suspension. That included with being anodised gold and says "Ohlins", it doesn't get better than this.

  • Suspension
    • Chromoly Adjustable Camber Aerofoil Wishbones and Pushrods

      This swaps all the standard wishbones and pushrods for an 'aero' cross section using chrome-alloy steel thses are lighter and stiffer than the standard equipment. The adjustment in this option enables the user to adjust the camber settings in just a few easy turns of the correct spanner.

    • Race Grade Rod Ends

      Manufactured to finer tolerances with upgraded materials bring increased longevity and reduced 'stiction' in the joint. Best used in tandem with the Bilstein MDS and Ohlins damper upgrades.

    • Race Needle Roller Bellcranks

      The internal bearing is replaced with a unit manufactured to finer tolerances with upgraded materials bring increased longevity and reduced 'stiction' in the joint. Best used in tandem with the Bilstein MDS and Ohlins damper upgrades.

  • Steering
    • Steering Wheel Spacer 10, 25, 50, 100mm

      A simple billet piece anodised black to bring the steering wheel closer to the driver for that true 'race car' feeling. Or just to make yourself more comfortable!

    • Quick Steering Rack

      Decreases the turns lock - lock from 2.1 as standard to 1.7 with this option.

    • Quick Release Steering Wheel

      Making it easier to get in and out of the car included with an extra layer of security, or if you trailer your car to and from tracks and want to keep your steering wheel free of road grime.

  • Track Day / Race
    • Side Panels

      Polycarbonate side panels along the length of the 'open side' of the car, reduce buffeting and ingress of water / debris.

    • Battery Master Cut-Off Switch Kit

      For added security and preventing the immobiliser from draining the battery while the car is not being used.

    • Bolted in Full Roll-Over Bar - Road/Track Day Use

      For track enthusiasts - a removable bolted in Roll Bar give you the extra peace of mind.

    • Welded in Full Roll Cage - Race Use

      A full roll structure suitable for racing use.

    • Fire Extinguisher (Stand Alone) - Road/Track Day Use

      Handheld unit - requires the operator to remove the extinguisher from the quick release mount prior to use.

    • Fire Extinguisher Kit Plumbed In - Race Use

      A 'plumbed in' fire extinguisher has nozzles fitted to the engine bay and passenger compartment of the vehicle - simply pull the handle and suppressant is deployed automatically.

    • Track Day Lap Timing

      Keep up to date with live timing on the dash as you pilot your way around your favorite track or simply log and immerse yourself in data at home.

    • Track Day Lap Timing with Brake Pressure Overlay on Video

      Includes camera mounted to the car with the overlay of data to examine every aspect of your driving. Chase those few last tenths down and get that lap record!

    • Towing Eye Kit Rear Road/Track Day Use (1 x hook)

      An easily removable towing eye for use on road and track - particularly useful if you are winching your car on and off the trailer at track days or events.

    • Towing Eye Kit Front Road/Track Day Use (1 x hook)

      An easily removable towing eye for use on road and track - particularly useful if you are winching your car on and off the trailer at track days or events.

    • Towing Eye Kit Rear Race Use (2 x straps)

      Soft, race approved type tow straps. Permanently installed for ease of use and quick access.

    • Towing Eye Kit Front Race Use (2 x straps)

      Soft, race approved type tow straps. Permanently installed for ease of use and quick access.

  • Seat Belts / Safety Harnesses
    • Standard 2" Harnesses

      Pictured is the standard equipment the car comes fitted with if no option is selected.

    • 2" Harness With Alloy Chest Adjusters (Each Side)

      Retaining the standard width belt and clasp - this replacees the standard adjuster with an alloy unit that is easier to operate and more attractive.

    • 2" Seat Belt/Harness Pads

      Extra padding on the standard width harness to ensure maximum comfort in your Atom.

    • 3" Seat Belts/Harnesses (each side)

      Using a 3" shoulder strap and 2" lap strap with a 5 point compatible clasp. Compatible with HANS device for those wanting ultimate saftey on track.

    • 3" Seat Belts/Harnesses With Alloy Chest Adjusters (each side)

      No compromise - 3" harnesses as above - with the easy to use clasps on the shoulder straps. Ultimate safety, style and ease of use.

    • 3" Seat Belt/Harness Pads

      Extra padding on the 3" width harness to ensure maximum comfort in your Atom.

    • V Type Crutch Strap for 3" Seat Belts/Harnesses (each side)

      Upgrade to a 5 point harness - only compatible with 3" style Harnesses.

  • Wheels / Tyres
    • Road Wheel and Tyre Package

      Black Wheels with Avon ZZS are the standard fitment. Perfect for all conditions on the road. If used on track the tyre is very 'forgiving' and is a great place to start if you are new to the world of trackdays!

    • Road Legal Wheel and Track Day Tyre Package

      Upgrade the standard tyre to the Avon ZZR - suitable for use on road and track.

    • Forged Wheels

      Lighter and stronger than the standard wheel - can be used with standard or track tyres. Suitable for use on road and track.

    • Carbon Wheels

      The lightest and strongest wheel for your Atom. Suitable for use both on road and on track. Can be used with standard or track tyres.

    • Roadside Temporary Puncture Repair Kit

      Going on a road trip? This option is essential for long trips and journeys into Europe. A mounted can of emergency repair sealant ensures you can get to safety.

    • Locking Wheel Nut Set

      Secure the wheels of your Atom.

  • Other / Miscellaneous
    • Titanium Cosmetic Bolt Kit (panels, steering wheel, tunnel bolts)

      Replaces and non structural steel fixings with titanium units. Lighter, with a wide head to reduce vibrations in the body panels.

    • Machined Aluminium Wing Mirror Set

      Replaces the standard polymer mirrors - lighter, smaller and compliant for use on UK roads.

    • Full windscreen

      Don't want the faff of helmet, gloves, jacket? Just grab your keys and go! A full laminated screen with wash a wipe makes it easier to enjoy your Atom.

    • Full heated windscreen

      As above - but this unit has heated elements in the glass for those cold or damp mornings that the itch just has to be scratched...

    • High-Level Brake Light

      A third and centre stopping light - bringing the brake light directly into the line of sight of other road users.

    • Individual Carbon Fibre seats B4 - Small/Medium Sized Occupant (per seat)

      Individually adjustable carbon fibre seats. For those of us lucky enough to be 'racing driver' shaped!

    • Individual Carbon Fibre seats B6 - Medium Sized Occupant (per seat)

      Individually adjustable carbon fibre seats. Wider than the above option.

    • Locking Fuel Cap

      Peace of mind when your Atom is parked up away from home.

    • 12v. Auxillary feed with Cigarette Lighter Type Socket

      A cigarette light style socket to plug your devices into - not suitable for use with battery chargers that charge through the cigarette lighter socket.

    • 12v. Auxiliary feed with USB socket

      A discreetly mounted USB socket with 1 x 2.1A and 1 x 1A ports so you can charge your mobile devices on the go.

    • Quadlock phone mount inc. case (wireless charging also available)

      A simple, secure way to mount your mobile device - dedicated cases available for most smartphone brands.

    • Fitted TomTom Rider550 World GPS

      Always be able to find your way home, or with TomTom's 'plan a thrill' you can let the satnav take you the scenic route... Waterproof and easily removable with a 'docking station' style charger to remove and take with you if you park your nomad up away from home.

    • Reversing Camera System

      The ultimate in creature comforts in an Ariel! The image is displayed automatically on the dash when reverse is selected, making reversing into those tight spots immeasurably easier.

    • Passenger + clutch footrest

      Fabricated from stainless steel - gives somewhere for the passenger to rest their feet. Also with a clutch footrest for the drive on long journeys.

    • Indoor Stretch Fleece Car Cover

      A soft cover to keep the dust off your Atom when not in use.

    • Outdoor Showerproof Car Cover

      A shower proof cover to keep the elements off your car if it needs to be left outside when out and about.

    • Battery Optimiser/Trickle Charger

      Keep the battery in your Atom in optimal operating condition, even when stored for long periods.

  • Body
    • Custom Painted Bodywork

      Want to make your Atom stand out from the crowd? Personalise the colour of the body panels to anything of your choice.

    • Front Carbon Fibre Aerofoil

      Feel the need to be faster round your local racetrack? Or just want that racecar feeling on the road? sharpen the handling of your Atom with the Aerofoil, can be fitted individually or in conjunction with the rear.

    • Rear Carbon Fibre Aerofoil

      Feel the need to be faster round your local racetrack? Or just want that racecar feeling on the road? sharpen the handling of your Atom with the Aerofoil, can be fitted individually or in conjunction with the front.

    • Carbon Fibre Mudguard Set

      Lighter and with a satin finish - carbon parts are the ultimate 'icing on the cake' for any car...

    • Carbon Fibre Body Set

      Lighter and with a satin finish - carbon parts are the ultimate 'icing on the cake' for any car...

    • Carbon Fibre Instrument Panel

      If you can only one piece of carbon, make it this one...

    • Carbon Lamp Covers

      Stronger then the standard and with a stain finish to match the other carbon parts (if selected).

    • Carbon Rear Fog/Reverse/Number Plate Tail Tidy

      Replacing the bulky standard unit - lighter and creates a 'borderless' Number Plate.

    • Alternative Colour Wheels

      Personalise your atom with any colour you like! Standard equipment wheels are gloss black.

    • Silver/Gunmetal/Gloss Black/Titanium Powder Coat Chassis

      Standard colour for the Atom chassis is Satin Black. Pictured is our 'Titanium Gray'.

    • Alternative Colour Powder Coat Chassis

      Want something a bit off-the-wall? Select a colour available in a powder coat finish, with a variety of laquers to create a one-of-a-ind Atom! Pictured is RAL6037 Pure Green.

  • On the Road
    • IVA Test

      In order for you to drive your car on the road - it must undergo an IVA (individual vehicle approval) test.

    • UK Road Tax + UK Registration

      The final piece in the puzzle... All we need is a few basic details from you, then its time to go and have fun!


Jeremy Clarkson

The Atom is a car designed to the very highest specifications we can achieve. Steel chassis to ensure torsional rigidity and safety. Inboard, pushrod operated suspension, now with anti-squat and anti-dive – designed to work comfortably on the road as well as well as flat out on the track.  Something that we have spent years developing.  Composite body panels, alloy machinings, LED lighting, all to reduce weight.  And at its heart the Honda K20C1 2 litre turbo engine giving power, reliability and peace of mind.  Road or track.

No roof, no doors, no cupholders. We really believe less is more, form should follow function.  Not just words but the ethos we live by.  So we’ve distilled the Atom down to the purest essence of light weight, performance and agility – if you don’t need it we leave it out. But what you do get is meticulously designed, beautifully made and assembled with care and love.  An Atom is an incredibly special thing and something we’re justifiably proud of, but above all what we really want to do is put a smile on your face. 

“Each and every Atom
is unique to its

Sunday Times

Vehicle Specifications

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  • 2.0 K20C Honda 4 cylinder i-VTEC, Direct Injection, Turbocharged
  • Aluminium alloy block, cylinder head, sump
  • Displacement 1996cc
  • Bore & Stroke 86mm x 85.9mm
  • Valvetrain Chain drive DOHC 4 valves per cylinder
  • 320 BHP @ 6500 rpm Torque 420Nm @ 3000 rpm
  • 6 Speed + reverse aluminium casing
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Electronic coil over plug ignition
  • MBE engine management system
  • Thatcham category 2 Immobiliser system
  • Front mounted fabricated aluminium radiator
  • Electric fan
  • Underbody intake fabricated aluminium intercooler
  • Ram air box system
  • ITG high flow foam air filter
  • Fabricated stainless exhaust
  • 3 way closed loop catalytic converter
  • Fabricated stainless silencer
  • Right or left hand drive
  • Bronze welded multi diameter ERW /CDS steel tube
  • Aluminium bulkheads
  • Phosphated, dual powder coated finish
  • Double unequal length TIG welded fabricated wishbones front and rear
  • Outboard adjustable rod ends front and rear
  • Adjustable rear and front toe
  • Lightweight machined aluminium uprights front and rear
  • Adjustable suspension pushrods front and rear
  • Aluminium bell cranks front and rear, needle roller bearings
  • Bilstein monotube dampers front and rear
  • High grade alloy steel Eibach dual rate coil springs
  • Rack and pinion cast alloy steering rack 2 turns lock to lock
  • Collapsible offset steering column
  • Adjustable inboard joint and outboard rod ends
  • 305mm race suede covered steering wheel
  • Front: 278mm ventilated discs with 2 piston callipers
  • Rear: 253mm discs with 2 piston callipers
  • Tilton aluminium racing pedal box
  • Dual master cylinders adjustable front/rear brake bias
  • Parking brake
  • Front: 7Jx16 Cast alloy
  • Rear: 9Jx17 Cast alloy
  • Front: 195/50R16 Avon ZZS
  • Rear: 255/40R17 Avon ZZR
  • Multi piece lightweight composite panels
  • Individual composite race seats, 5 position adjustment
  • 2” E Approved four point quick release full harnesses
  • TFT colour digital display/PDM system with speedometer, tachometer, water temperature, fuel level, oil pressure, gear position, odometer, trip, time
Dimensions + Weight
  • Length 3520 Track 1600 front 1615 rear
  • Height 1122 Wheelbase 2390
  • Width 1880
  • 595kg
  • 0-60 mph 2.80 seconds (0-100kph)
  • 0-100 mph 6.80 seconds (0-165kph)
  • Top speed 162 mph

crushing performance
nimble handling”

Auto Express


Our colour picker is available for you to have a quick look at various colour combinations available for your Ariel Atom.

Take a look and get in touch to discuss your selection with our team.

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“the atom is
in every sense
of the word”