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At Ariel we pride ourselves on being small, the advantages it brings, the quality we can achieve and on the friendships we make. At Ariel it’s not just about the cars and bikes, it’s about the people too. Us, the people that design and build the vehicles and you, the people that drive and ride them. For us it’s like a big family, no matter who you are or where you are. With an Ariel you’re part of something very special.

Each and every atom is unique to its owner”

Sunday Times

Talk to any of us and you’ll find an enthusiasm and knowledge that comes from a passion of what we do and a love of our job. We don’t have a production line and we don’t have robots, we don’t even have an automated telephone system that makes you press buttons. Just good old fashioned, British skill and handbuilt craftsmanship.


Each Ariel is built by one technician who carries the assembly right through to road test and personal sign off. Only when he’s happy will he put his name on it. And unlike a mass production factory you can come and see your Ariel being built, talk to the technician building it and be part of it being created. A vehicle built exactly to your specification, to your colour and for your particular use. There won’t be another like it. It really is unique. Like us.

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