Cruise to the beach or knee down in the Alps - build your Ace the way you want it.


Since their first motorcycle in 1901 Ariel have been synonymous with breaking the rules: Minerva, Square 4, Red Hunter, Arrow: all revolutionary in their way. Unconventional and brilliant. And now, over a century later, we have the Ariel Ace. We appreciate that a motorcycle is more than transport, more than speed and handling. It’s an emotion inside you and if you’re not a motorcyclist you just won’t get it. But if you are, you’ll understand the Ace.

“Famed for their obsessive attention to detail
the Ariel frame is a work of art”

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At the heart of each Ace is a unique aluminium perimeter frame. Recognisably Ariel, remarkably ingenious and something we’re justifiably proud of.  It takes over 70 hours to machine from 6 billets of aluminium which are then welded by hand and hard anodised to form a piece of engineering that is not only a structural masterpiece but also a work of art. As a motorcyclist you’ll appreciate the beauty in a piece of engineering, the thought, the care and the precision that has gone into every single component of an Ace. 

Vehicle Options

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  • Seat Unit
    • Coloured Thread in Standard Black Vinyl Seat

      Colour coding the cruiser style seat stitching to match body colour or just individual preference.

    • Cruiser Black Leather Seat

      Cruiser seat in black leather.

    • Sports Seat Unit

      One piece sports style single seat unit in a range of colours.

    • Sports Seat Unit Carbon

      One piece sports style single seat unit with carbon undertray in lacquered carbon fibre.

    • Cruiser Pillion Seat in Black Vinyl with Folding Billet Footrests

      Additional removable pillion seat with billet aluminium pillion pegs fits onto the cruiser style seat. Also Available in leather finish and / or with coloured thread.

  • Exhaust
    • Sports Satin Finish

      Sports styled exhaust pipe with a satin stainless finish.

    • Sports Black

      Sports styled exhaust pipe with a black painted finish and exposed welds.

  • Suspension
    • Ohlins Telesopic Fork Set Complete inc. Yokes and Clip On Handlebars

      Ohlins Road and Track Forks offer the ultimate in conventional front fork setup for the Ace and give a huge range of adjustment for riding style and conditions. Can be valved and sprung to suit individual requirements.

    • Ariel Girder Fork Assembly Complete inc. Ohlins TTX Damper

      Made from machined aluminium the Ariel girder forks give an option to standard telescopic forks which result in better handling, feel and sensitivity but at the same time feel familiar to any motorcycle rider. Due to the multi bearing top and bottom suspension arms, compliance is greatly improved and stiction reduced over conventional telescopic forks providing better response over different road surfaces and undulations as well as under braking to corners.

    • Ohlins Rear Damper and Spring

      With a choice of rear spring rates and optimised settings specific to the Ace, the Ohlins rear damper offers unparalleled ride comfort and suspension control.

  • Handlebars
    • Standard Rise Handlebars for Girder Forks

      Standard height bars have a 60mm rise.

    • Flat Handlebars for Girder Forks

      Flat handlebars have no rise.

    • Ohlins Handlebars

      Risers for Ohlins forks plus the choice of flat, standard or high rise handlebars.

  • Fuel Tank
    • Low Tank Carbon

      A lacquered carbon fibre version of the standard 12 litre composite Ace fuel Tank.

    • High Tank Standard

      15 litre intermediate fuel tank giving a longer range than standard in a composite finish.

    • Intermediate Tank Carbon

      15 litre intermediate fuel tank giving a longer range than standard in lacquered carbon fibre.

  • Foot Controls
    • Cruiser Foot Controls (Low)

      The lowest height foot controls designed for use with the cruiser seat.

    • Intermediate Height Foot Controls

      Intermediate height foot controls for those who want more ground clearance on the cruiser style Ace or a more relaxed riding position on an Ace with a sports seat unit.

    • Sports Foot Controls (High)

      The highest foot controls available designed for use with the sports style seat, giving a more aggressive riding position as well as the ultimate in ground clearance.

  • Wheels
    • Powder Coat Black

      Standard Ace wheels powdercoated black.

    • Alternative Special Colour

      Pick a colour, any colour.

    • Carbon Wheel Set

      The ultimate in both looks and handling, these carbon fibre wheels save unsprung weight, improve handling and look absolutely beautiful.

  • Bodywork / Cosmetic
    • Special Colour

      Pictured is Caburys Purple. The ultimate for personalisation of your Ace.

    • Fly Screen

      Replaces the standard plastic unit with lacquered carbon fibre.

    • Telescopic Fork Carbon Front Mudguard

      Replaces the composite telescopic front fork mudguard with a lacquered carbon fibre version.

    • Girder Fork Short Front Mudguard

      The shortest composite front mudguard available for the girder fork.

    • Girder Fork Long Front Mudguard

      Longer composite front mudguard for the girder fork front mudguard, offering better splash protection for those who wish to use their bike in all weathers. The unit pictured is in custom paint. The standard unit is gloss black. Also available in Carbon.

    • Cruiser Carbon Rear Mudguard

      Cruiser rear mudguard in a lacquered carbon fibre finish.

    • Rear Hugger Carbon

      Rear hugger in lacquered carbon fibre.

    • Carbon Belly Pan

      Lacquered carbon fibre replacement for the standard composite body coloured belly pan.

    • Radiator Covers Carbon (Pair)

      Lacquered carbon fibre replacements for the standard composite body coloured radiator covers.

    • Instrument Panel Cover Carbon

      Lacquered carbon fibre replacement for the standard instrument panel cover.

    • Paint Swingarm to Match Engine Cases

      The standard swingarm on an Ace is silver, this option gives the choice of matching the swingarm colour to the engine cases. If you would like any other colour finish on this part or engine please contact the Ariel Factory for details.

“the Ariel sounds is that of hislop and dunlop flat out over the mountain


Ariel power? We chose Honda, of course.  As a nod to the Square 4 it’s a V4, 1237cc and 173bhp. Enough power to propel you to over 165mph if you’re in the mood or just cruise along and enjoy the ride if you’re in another. The Ace is designed to fit you and what you want to do, not the other way round.  ABS, switchable traction control and shaft drive as standard. Plus that V4 exhaust note that will make you grin every time you start the bike. But above all that ingredient that you can’t specify – Passion – because at Ariel we understand that too.

Like every Ariel we make each Ace is tailor made and individually built by one technician from start to finish.  He’ll only put his name on it when he’s happy because until it’s ready it’s his Ace and his baby.  A unique bespoke build system that allows you specify YOUR bike not A bike.  Different forks, tanks, seats, handlebars, exhausts, body panels and even head angles.  Choose from an array of options so that we can make your Ace exactly the way you want it.  And there’ll never be another one the same. 

“Visual allure matched with  oustanding dynamic performance”

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british and brilliant”

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“a fine bike for gentle crusing or attacking b roads