Ariel Dash


Ariel Motor Company announces all new vehicle the Ariel Dash e-bike


  • Lightweight titanium and carbon fibre e-bike
  • Available as Urban or Adventure model


  • From the manufacturers of the Ariel Atom and Nomad cars and Ace motorcycle
  • Engineered ground up by Ariel to exacting automotive and aerospace standards


  • Celebrates the world’s first series production vehicle, built in 1871 – the Ariel Ordinary
  • Marks a return to bicycle manufacturing for Ariel after 92 years

  • Only 10.9 kilogrammes overall weight
  • Ultra clean design with in-frame battery and no visible hoses or cables


  • Multi material frame made from 3D printed titanium, titanium tube, and carbon fibre
  • Carbon fibre forks

  • 250W 55Nm Mahle hub motor
  • ‘My Smartbike’ app integrates Dash functions, navigation, and performance log


  • Integrated battery with up to 50-mile range
  • Battery range extender provides up to 95-mile range

  • Hand assembled and signed-off by a single Ariel technician
  • Priced from £8,320 + VAT


The result of five years’ research & development, intensive design and automotive-level engineering, the Dash was developed by the same in-house Ariel team responsible for the iconic Atom and Nomad cars, the Ace motorcycle and the HIPERCAR EV. Drawing on 25 years of high-performance automotive expertise and utilising technologies that evolved from Ariel’s engineering innovation, the Dash is a completely new, ground up design. The bike showcases ultra-lightweight materials, state-of-the-art technology, and reflects Ariel’s obsessive attention to detail in every part of the design.


With an ethos and history of delivering deeply involving driving experiences on four wheels and two, the Ariel Dash embodies Ariel’s core principles of functionality, performance, and hand-built quality to give the best and most enjoyable riding experience possible. As with all Ariels, the Dash reflects the company’s core values of SERIOUS FUN.


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