"Winner - Lightweight of the Year 2018"

538bhp per tonne, 0-100 in 6.5 seconds. So what impresses me most is how docile and tractable it is at low revs, how easy to potter around Bristol.  No stuttering on the throttle, no petrol smells, awkward clutch or weird throttle calibration.  It’s as well engineered as a VW Golf, without the cast of thousands involved in its creation. British lightweights are often criticised for their dated appearance, their lack of technology and advancement.  Well, here’s one that’s different, that is distinguished enough to alter the way we look at the whole lightweight class.  It’s the same as before, but fresh and modern.  It’s the biggest advance in Ariel’s 20 year history, so yeah, a revolution.  A Very British Revolution.  This one made in Somerset.