Atom 4 IMechE Award

Ariel are delighted to receive the Crompton-Lanchester medal for Outstanding Engineering Achievement from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) for the Atom 4.

Presenting the medal to Ariel Founder Simon Saunders, at a ceremony on 4th September, AD Chair Paul Jones said ‘The all new Ariel Atom 4 represents a major re-engineering of the Atom by Ariel and their small, but expert engineering team, bringing new levels of performance and functionality, but retaining the individuality, innovation and purity of purpose of the original car.’

IMechE President Terry Spall commented that ‘The Crompton-Lanchester medal commemorates two pioneers of the automotive industry, who were renowned innovators and I am delighted to see Ariel carrying on that spirit of innovation and engineering excellence with the Atom and it’s other products.’

Accepting the medal on behalf of Ariel, Simon Saunders replied “We are extremely proud to receive this award from the IMechE. A quarter of our workforce is directly employed in Research and Development, from our production cars to future EV’s and Hybrids. The Crompton Lanchester Medal reinforces this investment in engineering and design, the commitment to making our vehicles class leaders and moving Ariel forward. It is a great pat on the back for our engineering team and gives recognition to the enormous effort they have put in to making the Atom 4 such a success story. In this time of dramatic technological change it also underlines that, low or high volume, the UK is still at the forefront in delivering high quality, well engineered, and exciting vehicles”.