Ariel Ace

Don't take our word for it...

If we were to wax lyrical about our products what reason would there be to believe us? But it seems that any time anyone drives an Ariel they love it. Here's what some of them have said.

  • jeanAlesi.jpg

    I love it so much I bought one!
    Jean Alesi

  • Esteban Ocon

    Very fast, very very fast...
    Esteban Ocon

  • Matt leBlanc

    This isn't offroading, this is low level flying
    Matt leBlanc

  • james-may.jpg

    Driving the V8 Atom is one of the great motoring experiences of my life.
    James May

  • Plato

    I could drive this car all day long, it’s just amazing.
    Jason Plato

  • Chris Harris

    Do you know what, it’s a triumph
    Chris Harris

  • jensonButton.jpg

    I'm stunned, that’s one fast machine.
    Jenson Button

  • Karun Chandhok

    This car is so quick, so cool
    Karun Chandhok

  • steveParrish.jpg

    Fantastic. What a brilliant bit of kit.
    Steve Parrish

  • ollyMurs.jpg

    That is better than sex
    Olly Murs

  • jamesMartin.jpg

    Guys, I really think you should get one of these.
    James Martin

  • tiffNeedell.jpg

    One of the most exciting cars to be released for years.
    Tiff Needell

  • theStig.jpg

    The Stig

  • steveCropley.jpg

    I don’t know any affordable ultra-low volume car could be so beautifully made.
    Steve Cropley

  • tommyHill.jpg

    I love it. Superb.
    Tommy Hill

  • mark-blundell.jpg

    For me this is the best of both worlds. You drive here, you race around all day then you go home!
    Mark Blundell

  • murrayWalker.jpg

    That is a very, very, very, very fast car.
    Murray Walker

  • narainKarthikeyan.jpg

    What a fantastic car, just like a single seater – I want one!
    Narain Karthikeyan

  • jodieKidd.jpg

    Mind blowingly fast.
    Jodie Kidd

  • Butler Henderson

    Vicki Butler-Henderson

  • jayLeno.jpg

    I took Tom Cruise for a ride in my Atom and Tom really, really liked it.
    Jay Leno

  • alanCathcart.jpg

    It’s Ace – I’m a believer!
    Alan Cathcart

  • jeremyClarkson.jpg

    I am an Alien
    Jeremy Clarkson

  • davidCoulthard.jpg

    David Coulthard

  • charlieBoorman.jpg

    Please can I have another go? Please…
    Charlie Boorman

  • johnMcGuinness.jpg

    That is one fantastically mental car
    John McGunness

  • wayneGardner.jpg

    It really is a beautiful bit of engineering.
    Wayne Gardner

  • alexeiSayle.jpg

    One of the most exciting days of my life.
    Alexei Sayle

  • christianKlien.jpg

    Nicely balanced and really quick – I really like it
    Christian Klien

  • sabineSchmitz.jpg

    It’s a rocket.
    Sabine Schmitz

  • anthonyReid.jpg

    Tremendous experience, quite phenomenal!
    Anthony Reid

  • rowanAtkinson.jpg

    Ridiculously quick and enormous fun
    Rowan Atkinson

  • derekRedmond.jpg

    This is  top on my list for a bike.
    Derek Redmond

  • Takuma Sato

    Such a fast car and it fits perfect. I love it
    Takumo Sato

  • michaelEavis.jpg

    Come to Somerset, we know how to have fun!
    Micharel Eavis

  • justinWilson.jpg

    Justin Wilson

  • ivanMuller.jpg

    You could learn a lot about race driving in that car.
    Ivan Muller

  • David Higgins

    This is properly quick. I like it.  I really like it.
    David Higgins

  • Rory Reid

    I can’t think of a car that is more up for it.  
    Rory Reid

  • Darth Vader

    Come over to the Dark Side
    Darth Vader