What better way of getting together than driving together? On road, on track, off road or there again just sitting and having a chat with like minded friends. From track days for the seasoned driver to novice days for those who have never been on a circuit in their lives, the Club is there to help. And if you’ve never ventured off road or operated a winch there are those that have. But if you have some knowledge then here’s a bunch of people to share it with. Whether it’s a gathering on a GP circuit, a test track, a green lane or a Welsh mountainside you’ll find advice, help and a general camaraderie. Getting together for a dawn raid on London to meet friends, meeting up for a barbecue or Christmas party – this is a special group of people where long friendships are made. It doesn’t just happen in this country either – European tours and a run down the Stelvio Pass, trips to Le Mans and standing track side at midnight, seeing if you can take Eau Rouge flat this time or simply trying to remember which way the next corner goes at the Nurburgring. It’s so much better shared with friends.


The owners were nearly as much fun as the car. Track and Race Car


But it’s not all about going, doing, driving. The Club is there to help, to archive and to share every aspect of Ariel ownership. There’s a Forum to discuss things, to share your thoughts or ask questions and just generally chew the fat. Ariel Motor Company is deeply involved in the Club, gives discount to members on servicing and labour, as well as organising events and helping with the day to day administration of the Club. They’ll even carry your luggage for you!

In all a great group of people, that it’s good to spend time with. People who have the same enthusiasm and are happy to share the day, the experience and knowledge. From a wide range of backgrounds and a host of different personalities, but all sharing that common Ariel passion – having fun on wheels.


Great advice from other owners has saved my arse several times. Great club. Great owners! GA Atom 3


Amazing drive and made some fantastic friendships. HB Atom 2


What a nice bunch of guys. Octane