Born on the track, tested and tested and then tested some more on track; there is only one place to really explore your Ariel. And while it’s serious fun on the road it’s even more intense off it. Push yourself and push your car to the absolute limit. Whether it’s a tight club circuit or a GP track, a forest rally stage, a hillclimb, sprint, dirt track or David Coulthard winning the Race of Champions in an Atom, competition brings out the best in us and our vehicles. And Ariels are
built to love it.


The Atom Cup, featuring matched cars with sealed drive trains, control tyres and dampers plus a safety specification that exceeds regulations, gives a truly competitive sport where set up and driver, not wallet, makes winners. Whether you’re just starting out in motorsport, want to dip you toe in, make the transition from track day to circuit racing or you’re a seasoned racer who just loves competing, the Atom Cup was made for you. And not just you – your spouse, partner or best mate too. They’re all part of the family. With the unique Atom Cup hospitality there’s catered food and drinks in a special hospitality unit that has seating, video playback facility and even a play area for the kids and garaging for the cars. Professional people and a professional set up.

But now the competition goes right off road with the Nomad. Where the going gets loose and slippery and where car control takes on a whole different meaning, the Nomad adds another dimension to motor sport. Whether it’s picking over rocks at ultra low speed and winching yourself out of a problem in a time trial or flat out on a WRC gravel stage, the Nomad is built to compete. The same Ariel competitiveness, the same Ariel reliability and of course, the same Ariel fun.


It’s catchable and exploitable and these Atoms are FAST Autocar


32.56 and a new class record for Tiff Needell in the Atom Fifth Gear


Thanks Atom David Coulthard


If racing improves the breed I’m competing in an absolute thoroughbred Fifth Gear